This module is part of Tuleap Enterprise. It might not be available on your installation of Tuleap.

The Timetracking plugin of Tuleap aims at providing a simple and easy way to deal with artifact time tracking and time reporting for users.

Timetracking features:

  • Add (update and delete) a time per artifact
  • Display our personal times in a user widget

Activate the time tracking

The time tracking feature must be enabled per tracker. Once activated, writers users will be able to add times per artifact. By default, a writer will only see their own times. Members of the readers user group can see an aggregated view of submitted times.

Timetracking administration

Add a time

Writers users will be able to add times per artifact in a dedicated tab in the artifact view. This table will contain all the times added and be displayed according to the permissions defined.

Timetracking artifact times view


There are some limitations for now:

  • Only one time per day
  • The format to add a time is hh:mm

User widget

Timetracking plugin also provides a user widget. This widget allows users to filter and display times added in the whole platform during the time period provided. By default, the search is done for the last week.

If multiple times are added in the same artifact in this time period, the widget will only show one entry per artifact summing the total time for this period.

Timetracking user widget