Project status

Projects can have 5 statuses:

Status What it means Can it be changed?
Pending The project is waiting for approval from the site-administrator. Yes
Active This project is currently active, some people are working on it. Yes
Suspended This project isn’t accessible anymore by anyone excepted the site-administrator with read access only. Yes
Deleted This project has been deleted. No
System This project is a system project. No


The pending status is meant to be temporary and can not be directly used by administrators.

Suspended projects

When a project is suspended, only site-administrators can access it.

In addition to that, all access to its resources are disabled:
  • CLI operations are blocked for Git and SVN repositories.
  • REST calls to fetch resources belonging to suspended projects are also blocked and it will result a 403 error.
  • The services used by this project are blocked.


The following services are not blocked and may still be used:
  • Mailing lists (Lists Service)
  • Project web pages (Home Page Service)
  • CVS

This status can be toggled back and forth with no impact on the project. When back to active, all access will be unlocked.